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Here on The Travel Escape, you'll find a huge variety. From Couchsurfing and budgeting to splashing the cash and enjoying the finer things in life. Find out how at 23, I completed my degree online, started freelancing, and plan to never have a "real" job.

The Travel Escape was born in 2017. Starting with my Instagram account, later followed by this blog in 2018. It's my place to share my adventures and stories, through beautiful photography.

I'd been reading travel blogs for years, spending hours looking at all of the places I wanted to visit on Pinterest, following hundreds of Instagrammers as they visited some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Then I decided I could do it too. So I began to create my site.  I poured hours into growing my Instagram, and writing content.  So thank you for joining me on this journey!

I can't wait to share my adventures and see where this goes!


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Hi - I'm Alice!

I didn't leave a corporate job to travel the world, because I've never had one. My life definitely doesn't fit in a single backpack, hell, it probably wouldn't even fit in a 10 foot container. And I'm not a full time traveller.

All of those things are great, and incredibly inspiring. But for me, travel has always been part of my life.

Okay, so who am I?

I moved abroad to Dubai when I was 2 years old. Back then, Dubai wasn't this glamorous expat life abroad, most people didn't even know where it was.  Like so many expats in the Middle East, my family never officially planned to stay here long term, but 20 years later and we're still here.

When I was 6 we moved to Oman, and I will always be eternally grateful for my upbringing and the opportunity to live in such a remarkable country. Growing up, I had friends from more countries than I could count, and I'd visited more countries than most people would in a lifetime.

Later we moved to Kuwait, and then eventually back to Dubai again. When I was 13, my parents were now living in Dubai and I went back to England to boarding school, coming home 6 times a year to the sun of Dubai.

I was of course going to go to university, after all that's what everyone did... but I had always known I wanted to take a gap year, so I applied for deferred entry. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to travel, but Fiji had been on the top of my list ever since I saw a picture of a beautiful Fijian beach in a magazine when I was a child. I'd also always loved to volunteer. So I typed volunteer in Fiji, clicked on the first link and my mind was made up. I was going to go to Fiji for 10 weeks and volunteer with Think Pacific, an amazing organisation, you can read more about my experience here! I spent the first half of my gap year living at home in Dubai working part time, and the second half of my gap year was spent travelling Australia, driving through New Zealand and volunteering in Fiji.

My gap year was over and it was time to head back England to study computing and business at the University of Exeter. I lasted a year. Not because it was too hard, and not because I absolutely hated it. It just seemed like a bit of a waste of time, but that's a whole other story. While at Exeter, I was in a long distance relationship with an American guy, visiting a different country every holiday, and eventually moving to America for the summer to work at a startup. Working there solidified in my mind how I could never work in a corporate role, the startup was great, and if I ever have to work in an office role, it would have to be somewhere like that.

The summer came to an end, we eventually broke up and I had dropped out of university to pursue my degree online. Everything began to feel a bit real, and I had to make it work. I moved back to Dubai and have spent the last 3 years doing my degree remotely graduating in 2017, working part time in events, freelancing as a web designer/developer and social media manager with the freedom to travel.









Alice feeding deer in Nara
Alice feeding deer in Nara, Japan