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At the top of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai. It stands at an impressive 829.8 meters making it the tallest building in the world. Visiting the Burj Khalifa is on every tourist's must-see list, but there are so many ways to view it.  Perhaps you want to stand below it and feel tiny as it towers over you. Or maybe you'd like to marvel over the view at the top overlooking the city of Dubai. In this post, I'm going to tell you all about the best spots to view the Burj Khalifa as well as my top tips for going up to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Ground Level

If you want to view the Burj Khalifa from below, the best bet is undoubtedly by the fountains at the Dubai Mall. In the evenings when the fountain shows are happening, expect it to get very crowded. Cross the bridge to Souq Al Bahar, for unobstructed views of the fountains and the Burj Khalifa. It's usually less busy over there! Another great option is to visit the courtyard at the Palace Downtown. There's an amazing view of the stunning courtyard lined with Palm trees and the Burj Khalifa. Of course, the Burj Khalifa is so tall you'll be able to see it from almost any part of the city!

At the top

The most popular way to view the Burj Khalifa is 'At the top' on the observation deck. You don't actually get to go to the very top, but you'll get pretty close. You can either go to the 124th & the 125th floor or you can pay more and go to the 148th floor.

For the regular admission, it's between 135 AED & 210 AED depending on the time of day if you book online, and is 315 AED if you just turn up. To visit level 148 expect to pay between 370 AED & 525 AED.

The journey to the top is actually pretty interesting even if you have to queue. They display the construction process and you'll get to learn more about the people behind the building. Once you're at the top, head out onto the observation deck. If you're scared of height's you might struggle as it's not fully enclosed - there are gaps in the windows. But don't worry, they're safe for children.  One of my favourite features are the screens that allow you to switch between different views. So you can compare the current skyline with photos from way back when.

You're allowed to stay at the top or as long as you like. So if you really want to watch the sunset but don't want to pay for the sunset prices, you could always set up camp and wait for a while. If you book the tickets that include level 148, you will have a time limit at level 148, but you can then head down to level 124 for as long as you like.

Always book online, you'll save a lot of money. Book your tickets here!


Atmosphere is the world's tallest restaurant. It's pretty pricey and tables require a minimum spend. The minimum spend will vary on if you're in the lounge/bar or restaurant, the time of day and if you're in a window seat. But you can book a seat at the bar, you won't have a window view, but you'll have the opportunity to admire the views without the hefty minimum charge. The cocktails are very good, but they are expensive. If you have more than a couple you'd definitely hit that minimum spend. Make sure you're well dressed because otherwise, they won't let you in!

Have you been up to the top of the Burj Khalifa?

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